"A fresh spin on the brain racking games, you so desperately need."

— Dev Team
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Digit Spinner

Digit Spinner is a new take on familiar match three games, introducing new mechanics, and game rules. Complemented by gorgeous design inspired by such cyberpunk classics, like “Ghost in the shell” and “Blade runner”. Lose the track of time as you create humongous combos, and watch them explode.

Give Digit Spinner a try, and experience dystopian cyberpunk future now.


  • Time killer: Pass time in the queue or during your daily commute.
  • Stunning design: Cyberpunk atmosphere and neon design inspired by “Blade runner” and “Ghost in the shell”.
  • Different game modes: Distinct game modes, to suit different play styles.
  • Awesome achievements: Get various achievements and rewards for straining your brain, and completing in game feats.
  • Interesting gameplay: Enjoy various mechanics of different modes, and fun powerups.
  • Exercise your brain: Have fun, and enjoy gorgeous design, while training your brain.
  • No Internet connection required: Play offline, on the plane or in the subway the game will not mind.
  • Challenge you friends: Compete with your buddies for the biggest highscore.
  • Powerups: Variety of fun powerups to enhance your gameplay.

How to Play

In Digit Spinner you can move the whole row or column of numbers to create your combo. The numbers will wrap around, meaning that they will appear on the other side as they go beyond the field. In order to create a combo you need to align 3 numbers in order, for example, “1,2,3”. The red tiles above the the line will drop in after you explode the tiles. If you do not make the combo in one move, row or column that you moved will snap back to its initial position. You can use each of the power-ups once per game.